Everyone (except for Me!) Is In On It

Recording Editorial History
9 min readApr 13, 2021

What follows is a collection of voices all joined into a single rant. These are directly culled from online chatter sometimes wildly off topic. In no way do I either support or condemn anything reprinted here, at least in this particular piece.

Let us call our narrator “Q,” and hear what it has to say on very few topics. There is joyful outrage spending time attacking disbelievers with smug cynicism instead of justifying whatever they believe in.

Beyond this introduction I will attempt to withhold judgment. These are words of a group mind, a crowd repeating the same lines over and over; a predatory mantra offered up as the new gospel.

“You guys don’t get it! You’re just a bunch of sheeple, doing what your masters tell you to do!

“You don’t even know, you can’t control it because you’re just a bunch of Socialist traitors! You want this shit! You hate America!”

“This virus is a fucking joke. It was invented by Biden in a Chinese lab with Bill Gates and Antifa money, and all it does is monitor you. It’s got a chemical in it that the commie government uses to follow you and read your mind. It controls you. They know what you’re thinking.

“All these libs hate all of us! They all want to cancel everything because they don’t believe in the Constitution. You know, laws and stuff? They think that if I try to defend myself against them, they think they can make me their slave! And all because they’re afraid to get their widdle feelings hurt.”

“America, and everything she means, needs to be protected from the liberal scourge.”

“This bullshit about school shootings, they make all that up to take away our guns. Well they come for mine, they’re gonna find themselves dealing with someone they don’t wanna mess with!

“If Biden has his way

, but they better think about that twice.”

“My commie neighbors are trying to take my flag down. Fucking pussies. I wave this right next to old glory in front of my house.”

“You know what they want? To control us, to take away our liberty. It’s like what the Nazis did. It’s what the Commies are still doing.”

“Anyone who doesn’t realize this is just looking to be a slave. You’re too stupid to get it, but I bet you’ll be happy when we save you when they come for you.”

“All this shit you see on the fake news,

they’re manipulating you and you’re too blind to get it. You’re a follower. You need someone like me teaching you the truth.”

There are a few honest people in government — very few! — telling the truth

“The libs want to claim that all mass shootings are white Trump supporters

“Isn’t that racist? Or is it only racist when blacks are the criminals?”

“Here’s the truth, if you libs can stand it.”

“It’s true! All of them are Democrats, every last one! Even the kids too young to vote (so they say), are liberal Democrats!”

“If you really want the truth

“Libs pretend like those people weren’t Democrats because they can’t take it. All of them liberals. John Wilkes Booth?

“Of course, in the Biden years


“Some people want to change history, but it remains that Booth was a democrat. What does that tell you?”

“And changing history — that’s all they want to do, to turn the past into something they can brainwash children with.”

“It’s all American history, and if you don’t learn from it you’re destined to repeat it.”

“And why does everything have to be racist today? Criticize some black murderer and you get cancelled.”

“That guy was a serial killer! Coral Eugene Watts, the Sunday Morning Slasher! Can’t we call him a monster?”

“Notice anything similar in all that black thug’s victims?”

“Some libs say that the Confederates were traitors. Does it make you a traitor when you defend your country against the government forcing new laws on you?”

“Most of the South wasn’t racist. Hardly anyone had slaves. They just wanted to protect themselves. That’s why it wasn’t really a civil war. It was the War of Northern Aggression.”

“If you think that this is a symbol of hate,

then why isn’t this?”

“I mean, how brainwashed are you if you think that the capitol thing was done by Trump supporters? They were there to support Donald Trump! More lies from the fake MSM.”

“They like to show this guy,

but the truth isn’t what they’re telling you.”

“Another crisis actor, paid by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and Biden.”

“And there wasn’t even any violence at the capitol! It was just that poor girl getting shot by liberal cops! It was just a peaceful protest except for antifa and BLM terrorists, like last summer.”

“The MSM does nothing but lie and the proof is right there in front of us if you only think.”

“These are the terrorists!”

“But the lying liberal media won’t tell you this. It wants you to think all these rioters are somehow heroes!

“Or victims.”

“They’re lying to you because they hate white people and think we’re all racists. I’m not a racist! White America isn’t racist. But . . .”

“All they want to do is censor the voice of real patriots.”

“Polls definitively prove that Conservatives are being censored by liberals online.

“If you’re arguing with these facts, then you’re a part of the problem.”

“Biden winning the election is the worst crime in human history. All the fake news polling showing Biden ahead was a lie. I mean,”

“These are unquestionable facts and all the libs do is lie. It takes real patriots to save America from these criminals! How can you compare this

to this

and pretend like Biden won?”

“Look at how Biden is destroying America.”

“Biden is a dictator, a tyrant! And the libs and their fake news media tried to convince America that Trump was the problem, that this man who loves America more than every president ever combined, would ever do anything to harm us?”

“Trump creates miracles, but liberals can’t take it and can’t help lying and denying.”


“of course that’s how they’d respond. They all have Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

“I guess they think they can change everything great America ever used to be. But

“We have something called the Constitution that protects our rights to own as many guns as we like, as well as other things. Patriots will always win.”

“What it comes down to — and look at them, look at their lack of patriotism in front of the flag! — what it finally comes down to is

“If only liberals could learn, then they’d know who is pulling their strings. Big tech, big pharma, all the socialist corporations and all the democrats trying to make the greatest nation ever into Communist China. But I guess then they wouldn’t be liberals anymore.

“I’m not gonna let them do it to the land I love. If it comes to civil war, then I am willing to fight for my beloved nation! Liberals won’t die for the country. Patriots will. Fight for America! Save it from socialism or else you won’t ever be free again!”

* * *

Such commentary could go on (and certainly will) long past the end of each of our lives, beyond our children’s, and into whatever unknowable world to come that finally conquers humanity.

The issues change, but the absolutism of belief will never waver for some. It does not matter what’s the truth as long as there is a side to take, with anger to fuel, and something to blame for whatever very few people believe is actually an apocalyptic problem.

We all need some private confidence to retain a sense of pride in our ability to discover the truth for ourselves. If everyone believes something, or if everything you see is a lie, at least there is you, the one person who knows, who can be a hero, who can save the world if only the fools would listen. If you can get them to believe it, no matter the cost, if only, if only . . .