Racism, Race Riots, Revolution and the Partisan Precedents of History

  • (It is) (n)ot just rioting and looting. A(n) affordable housing complex under construction was set on fire and a person has now been shot and killed in a robbery at a pawn shop. And what have they accomplished with it all, absolutely nothing(?)
  • I agree they should not have done anything like that. But I also understand that YEARS AND YEARS of this Injustice can bring anyone to the brink of actions like this.. if the man was not murdered like he was, or if the cop was fired then arrested immediately I guarantee this would never have taken place. Not justifying what they did. But the cause was inaction, and people feel they are not being heard after all this time. Now they decided to make “louder noises”
    Some else posted a good pic showing how destruction of property made protesting illegitimate, but the tea party back in the 1700s was just that. Standing up and wanting change.
  • (B)y accomplished you mean wrecking their city which in the long term they will pay for then yes they accomplished it.
  • hey dumbass. They threw boxes of tea into a harbor not robbed/looted their neighbor’s stores and set them on fire. And another person is dead now and by my count another four have been shot and not by police. Good job rioters, you total got your justice
  • Do you understand the precarious state of the entire USA right now? The tense hatreds, the rumors grown fully toxic, with a president fanning the flames for his own amusement, and followers and opponents alike ignited into irrational rage–do you know what the precedents of history show the end result of such social chaos to be? Revolution. Full scale revolution. French revolutionary chaos, where four different sides target the others, slaughtering everything not like-minded. The rage today precedes this. You know, when we consider history . . .
  • The justice will come after the looting and rioting when the cops go to prison, what the looting and rioting is accomplishing right now is if these cops don’t go to prison don’t expect any peace! This are the consequences of allowing racist comments and acts to go unpunished!! There will be major changes for the better after the riots! Just like in The LA Riots!!
  • Black dude’s dead, Ima get me a new pair of jordons…
  • Did anybody ever consider that Republican plants might be in the crowd to start up some violence? Considering that the “protests” at various states Capitols were engineered by Republican operative and not an organic gathering, what is to stop them from starting up some violence in a crowd to make the protesters look bad? I would not be surprised if that were true.
  • This is all fake video of some n(*****) (the asterisks were provided by the poster) getting arrested. The liberals are trying to make this thief into a hero, like they always do! Make America White Again!




Recording Editorial History

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Recording Editorial History

Recording Editorial History

Recording Editorial History

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