The Clown as Monster: Marjorie Taylor Greene and the Sudden Meaninglessness of America

Do not underestimate this woman, this Majorie Taylor Greene. There were enough disaffected, paranoid, and angry citizens in her borough in Georgia to elect her, (unopposed), into the United States Congress. Now of course Congress has always been a reeling trowel for ravenous anarchists, both left and right, those not really politically interested monsters who vie only for power, for a voice to shove their radicalism into the public eye. It has always been this way, frankly, horrible people convincing enough horrible people to elect them into a serious position and attempt to impose their horrible realities upon everyone else.

I have been writing about the danger of QAnon for some time now, issuing a serious warning, declaring them a growing National Socialist-styled movement, only less, specifically, racist (occasionally), and more focused on their ideological fanaticism, which deals primarily with who needs to be killed to achieve their idea of paradise. Such ideas can been read (should this horrify you as much as me), in two previous essays here, in particular, “The Not-So-Secret Origins of Q,” and “The Romance of QAnon and The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” but that is not what I wish to discuss. This woman’s crazy leanings are already having a devastating influence on America (certainly inspired and promoted by a group of cynical, cowardly, greedy, selfish, occasionally radical themselves politicians), but also upon the creaking, crumbling unity of the whole world itself, venomously partisan, righteously self-justifying, and misanthropic to the extent that everything might as well be laughed at while it burns.

I wish to offer a character assessment of Marjorie Taylor Greene, and fuck her if she disputes my analysis (and I know a number of her loyalist followers have actually read me, based upon some predictable comments they’ve sent, mostly party-line cliches calling me “socialist” or “pedophile” or merely lumping me in with people they believe are both), because her own dashed and fantastical views on the truth should allow me to invent whatever it is that I want about her (after all, people are saying . . .) So long as one of you believes me, right? I guess then it’s the truth to someone, which makes it okay.

Yet that has never been my ambition, inventing a new truth, telling lies in order to shame or destroy someone, and I won’t start now. Straightforward truth is usually more than enough for people to do this to themselves, and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s miserable reality (regardless of whichever hero story she surrounds herself with in her perverse fantasies) should be more than enough to ruin her.

Yet somehow it is not. Her stalking of a traumatized teenager, terrified because fourteen of his fellow classmates had recently been gunned down in school while he hid has actually been celebrated by people. Some people have called her a hero for “having the guts” to do this.

This is more recent, a delve inside the sort of frazzled, dishonest coward Marjorie Taylor Greene truly is.

Here we get to watch her drone on with party line scripted nonsense, the “cancel culture,” a meaningless phrase every bit as numb as the Democrat’s idiotic boast about “being able to walk and chew gum at the same time.” To endlessly repeat something it actually needs to mean something. “Cancel culture” has a sort of vague understanding, yet Marjorie’s hypocrisy does not seem to comprehend that her instant shutting down of the questioner is, well, she’s cancelling her.

But more than that — lies! Laura Loomer,

a long mocked, shrieking child who grew increasingly desperate to be noticed (unloved by her parents, perhaps), who knows and understands nothing, really just a rude, pushy girl,

imagining that shouting insults in someone’s face and then recording their reactions with a smirk gives her the moral upper hand. Greene’s claims about Loomer actually begin as truth: Yes, she was banned from Twitter

and the reasons for doing so are genuinely pretty sketchy. Of course she’s allowed to be the asshole that she is. And yet slinging assertions out about people because it conveniently fits the picture you want to paint is what tends to go on in the murky online culture. And, by the way, she absolutely attempted to create new accounts, was repeatedly caught, and this is why she was permanently suspended, not because she posted shit like

or that she gleefully feeds into the paranoid air she perhaps believes in

asking a curious question that perhaps might need to be answered and then swallowing her purpose by relating (or inventing) allegations that (I found this hilarious) when someone tried to log onto Wi-Fi one of the public services offered was actually titled “FBI surveillance van.” This leads her to wonder, after asking “was there?” “What is the FBI hiding?” What is one meant to make of this, I mean, other than those who believe this, people like Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Look at her, look at how beautiful she no doubt thought she looked when taking this picture, a milk-fed, puffy, pale and odd-looking woman — not ugly, I guess, dangling with her unknowably symbolic earrings, a look of arrogant fanaticism giving the only human recognition of an otherwise pale yellow entity. She sneers her absolutism and righteousness like a crazed prophet, ignoring everybody who doubts her, declaring them the enemy, siccing her followers on them should they get in her way.

There is a rumor, and I have heard this from people I know in Georgia too, that Marjorie took advantage of the person who had initially been running against her, Kevin Van Ausdal.

Kevin was forced to drop out of the race after a police officer escorted him out of his house with divorce papers sent by his wife. Now of course this bad press wasn’t helpful, and Kevin was at a crossroads, a successful young neurosurgeon, considered by everyone who knew him to be a “nice guy,” now declared (untruthfully) “a wife beating scumbag” Democrat in a heavily Republican district. Marjorie alleged this publicly, randomly during one of her shouting matches, and also said that he would “probably cry like a baby if you held a gun to his face.” Eventually and abruptly Kevin decided to leave the state, thus abandoning the race, wondering to Marjorie, “How do you,” pretend to care about anyone “while still holding onto what you believe in?” There have, of course, been many questions about what happened behind the scenes.

It should also be noted that Marjorie, upon hearing of the retirement of Tom Graves,

the Republican congressional representative from Georgia’s 14th District, a sour birther with too many skeletons in his closet, raced across the state with covetous venom, spreading conspiracy along the way before settling into a new home. The further south she got, the more she focused on the “White Genocide” conspiracy of white nationalists, which states that “Zionist Supremicists” were flooding Europe and the United States with immigrents in order to rape all the white women and end the white race once and for all. She considered holocaust survivor George Soros the “Nazi” running the show, somehow equating extreme wealth (as she would later do with Bill Gates) with something manifestly evil on pure speculation. How else could people have so much money if they weren’t involved with hidden cabals, sacrificing children and seeking to implant mind control chips into everyone’s brains, perhaps she thought. Of course another very rich guy gained her approval, but again let us avoid direct QAnon theology here . . .

So the rumors about what happened to Van Ausdal are pretty wide ranging. They go from threatening phone calls and tweets (all of which can be verified because, you know, the internet), all the way to the allegation that his wife had been kidnapped by QAnon soldiers, then brainwashed until she was converted, doing the Grand Kleagle (or whatever they call their leader)’s bidding. Of course this sort of absurdity sounds like a scribble out of Marjorie’s own playbook, the sort of thing she no doubt wishes she had been behind, but it does not remove the fear that a number of Van Ausdal’s supporters have regarding the strange circumstances that put a man who publicly condemned QAnon in a political contest not just out of the race, but running for his life.

Here are a few things that Marjorie has posted:

From telling you who to hate and threatening you with what those enemies are going to do, to mocking a former Senator calling for calm, calling her out for conspiratorial thinking, which she denies, followed by what could be an endless parade of QAnon conspiracy support (should I want this essay to last forever, because her “Where We Go 1 We Go All” chanting is neverending) Then, no doubt the deepest conspiracy she sees against her, this thin-skinned, terrified of the world armed survivalist

declares that “The Socialists” are trying to “cancel her” simply because she is lying to people.

And yet she does not really think she’s lying most of the time (or not yet; she has yet to understand what it is to be a politician). She actually believes and heartily supports the violent threats she makes. For example, in the video with David Hogg, the school student ignoring her, as she shouts after him that he’s a plant, a “crisis actor,” and questions why he is working for George Soros or whichever evil Legion of Doom

member she had racing through her mind at that moment. She then goes on to call the boy a coward and, when he does not respond to her, declares herself somehow victorious, shouting that “he doesn’t have an answer” and that this proves his complicity in whatever irreconcilable plot she is pushing onto him. Then:

“Look, I’m an American citizen, I’m a gun owner. I have a concealed carry permit, I carry a gun for protection for myself, and you are using your lobby and the money behind it and the kids to try to take away my Second Amendment rights. . . .

“You know, if school zones were protected with security guards with guns, there would be no mass shootings at schools. Do you know that? The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun. And yet you’re attacking our Second Amendment. And you have nothing to say. No words.”

She is shouting at a victim, accusing him of having a political lobby, of taking children and putting them into harm’s way to take away her gun. You know who shouldn’t have a gun? Crazy people. Crazy people like the one who shot up the school. Crazy people like her . . .

I used to work in a school. I remember when the issue first came up that maybe security guards should be armed in the building, or that teachers should have the right to hide loaded weapons in their desks. I also remember thinking how idiotically disastrous such a solution would be, some kid much tougher than their teacher or the lumbering security snatching the piece out of their hand and now having a weapon they didn’t have before, a potential massacre and, for the business-minded, a far worse lawsuit than anything resulting from a simple horrendous tragedy.

And now Marjorie has been given a prime Congressional post on the Education committee, a woman who detests schools, and who believes that the thoughts she has on how teachers indoctrinate students with ideas she objects to should be inverted and now she gets a turn to indoctrinate children the way she sees fit.

Wouldn’t you love to see the reaction of Marjorie Taylor Greene having her gun taken away from her? I am not in any way renouncing the 2nd Amendment because I believe in it, and because there are certainly times when it is better to be armed for your own safety. But anyone who uses that cliche, that “The best defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” is told by a person eager to shoot someone. Is told by the bad guy in the equation.

But I would love it, watching this cowardly woman shoved down, handcuffed, called the criminal that she is, and seeing her gun owner’s license shredded before her eyes, her shouting and crying and whatever ridiculous claims she would make being on an endless loop of hilarity in my mind’s eye. This is, after all, a member of Congress who previously expressed support for a statement on Nancy Pelosi, “through removal or death, doesn’t matter, as long as she goes.” What truly makes anyone believe that this ranting, foolish woman, shoving people out of the way and threatening them with guns

one convinced of her messianic role in the salvation of America, would not be the one to walk right up to the house speaker, the boss of the place where she works, and put a bullet in her brain? None of you believe it’s impossible — none of you! Nobody thinks Mitch McConnell is going to shoot Chuck Schumer. Nobody sees other congress people shooting each other (of course there’s the other Q creature, Lauren Boebart

standing there before crosses and American paraphernalia, trying to make us believe that she believes in anything other than her gun). And this is now yet another thing we have to think about, to either be scared about the possibility or relieved that something like this may actually happen.

Doing a formal history of someone like Marjorie Taylor Greene has a scope much larger than this space being used merely to draw attention to things that will certainly be further reported in the news. There is so much bad about this woman, so many evil thoughts and actions throughout her life, the sort of horrors that only fellow monsters can justify as being for the betterment of the world, the sort of following that shouts “Jihad!” while burning their enemies in effigy. All that needs to be said at this moment (and inevitably more and more will be said, 2021 apparently my anti-fanatical movement cycle), all that we need as a nation and as a world is the removal of this person. This is not her sort of crass suggestion about murder. It is about something worse for a desperate egoist like this. The removal of her voice. A removal from the public eye. The profound ignoral of the violent, idiotic blathering hissing out of her mouth, the dripping bowels of stupidity that she smears online or the blistering rage echoing through the chambers of Congress where, it seems obvious, she was in favor of the querrelous mob that stormed in and then had no idea what to do next. All of this needs to be laughed at, laughed away, our heads scratching on every side of any political or moral view, wondering just what we were thinking by elevating this selfish, hateful clown to a position of prominence, where our tabloid imaginations allow us to talk about her every day.

Just remember, not every clown is this

or even this abomination

No, most often, and far more dangerously, they look exactly like this:




Recording Editorial History

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Recording Editorial History

Recording Editorial History

Recording Editorial History

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